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Tours and Tastings

Di Molfetta Oil mill offers you the possibility to visit our oil mill, with tours and tastings that allow you to better discover the enchanting art of oil making up close.

Contact us for more information and to choose the activity most suitable for you. In any case it will be an interesting and emotional journey, that will lead you to better discover how a simple olive is transformed into our Everyday Oil up close.

Hands on pasta laboratory

(for 2 to max 10 people – 3hr)

Once the time is chosen (10:30 – 13:30), we will set off on a journey that will lead us to better know the true soul of Puglia up close. After a tour of the oil mill we will go to our food and wine laboratory and learn how to cook typical dishes from Puglia (such as focaccia, taralli, pasta…) with the help of our chef-pastry chef.

Olive picking and visit to the oil mill

(From 2 to max 10 people – 1hr 30min)

Based on the harvest of different types of olives you can choose between three different periods: November, December or January. This is a unique opportunity to visit our oil mill and to admire the fascinating production phases that transform the olive into extra virgin olive oil. An explanation of the techniques for tasting oils and olive picking will then follow. At the end of the experience, we will gift you a bottle of new oil to try in your recipes.

Aperitivo OlìOlà

(from 2 to max 10 people – start time 17:00, excluding Sundays)

The aperitivo Olì Olà is perfect if you want to visit our oil mill and taste our specialities. Once the tour of the oil mill is completed we will give you a taste of 6 of our bruschetta dressed with our extra virgin olive oil, together with a glass of wine or beer.

Classic tasting

(from 2 to max 45 people – 1hr 30min)

The classic tasting is perfect if you want to taste our oils in total simplicity. After a tour of the oil mill a tasting of our different types of oil, together with artisan bruschetta from Puglia, will follow.

Tasting with a snack

(for 2 to max 45 people – 2hr)

The tasting with a snack gives you the opportunity to also taste our local productions. After a tour of our oil mill and a tasting of our oils together with artisan bruschetta a tasting of pâté and vegetables pickled in oil that we have produced will also follow.


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