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General conditions of sale

General conditions of sale

The General Conditions of Sale regulate sales EXCLUSIVELY IN ITALY of the products listed on the website dimolfettafrantoiani.it, starting from the registration of the order.

Conditions and exceptions::

The fact that the Client accepts the General Conditions of Sale before confirming their order on the website dimolfettafrantoiani.it, automatically assumes the inspection and acceptance of these Conditions without reserve. It is forbidden for the purchaser to enter false, and/or invented, and/or fictitious data during the registration procedure to activate the process for the execution of the present contract and in relative further communications; personal data, telephone number and e-mail address must be exclusively the real personal data and not of third parties and/or fictitious.

During the completion of the order the client will be requested to:

  • Complete the related form of personal data; it is important to specify the delivery address, telephone number and an email address.
  • Carefully review the form, in all its parts, before conforming the order. Di Molfetta Pantaleo & C. S.n.c. is not in any case responsible for errors made during the purchase and not disclosed to Di Molfetta Pantaleo & C. S.n.c. by e-mail or for errors related to the delivery of the package resulting from incorrect information or data entered by the Client, in the related form of personal data.
  • Report, within the hour following the order completion, any product or delivery address changes to avoid the occurrence of any errors.

For all orders made on the website dimolfettafrantoiani.it, Di Molfetta Pantaleo & C. S.n.c. automatically sends an order confirmation email to the address given by the Client on their data sheet.

Photographs of the products could, in some cases, not correspond exactly to the product received, without however compromising its quality that in every case will be equivalent.

The unique sales price including VAT is shown next to each article and expressed in Euros.


  • Paypal: the most well know online payment system in the world that allows payment with maximum security in real time. With PayPal, the seller never sees the details of your credit card or of your account (they are encrypted with the suitable system), but only the received payment;
  • Credit Card: payment is completed on the “Secure Server of the website” that complies with the SSL security standards and so transmission of your credit card details are sent in a totally protected context. Here are the accepted credit cards:
    -Visa Electron
    -Prepaid PayPal
    -Maestro International (except from abroad)
    -Carta Si
    The corresponding sum will be debited only upon order confirmation. Treatment and transmission of the payment card details are delegates, according to the chosen payment method, of PayPal Holdings, Inc. or Stripe, Inc.
  • Cash payment upon delivery: payment must be made exclusively in cash up to a maximum amount of €2,999.99 upon delivery of the goods directly to the courier. They will not accept cheques.
    IMPORTANT! ! If you choose the cash payment method during the ordering process the address of the recipient must be indicated by the purchaser. For every order the Right of Cash Payment equal to 7% of the total order will be added to the total sum of the purchase. Nothing more than that indicated at the moment of ordering will be owed by the Client;
  • Bank transfer: The Client must complete the bank transfer within 3 days following the order confirmation date sent by the Seller. Otherwise, the order will be cancelled. All of the information necessary for the completion of the bank transfer will be included in the order confirmation.

The order will be prepared within a few hours of being sent and the shipment will be carried out by national couriers EXCLUSIVELY IN ITALY. As soon as the parcel is given to the courier you will receive an email with the confirmation of the shipment.

The shipment cost within 24 hours (with the exception of Sardinia, minor islands and the Venice lagoon) varies according to the weight of the parcel:

  • 0-3 KG: €4.60 + VAT (22%) = €5,60
  • 3-6 KG: €5.30 + VAT (22%) = €6,50
  • 6-10 KG: €7.00 + VAT (22%) = €8,50
  • 10-20 KG: €9.00 + VAT (22%) = € 11,00

2% will be added to these prices for fuel.

The likely delivery times for Italy are approximately 1-2 working days, excluding the day of the sending of the goods. It should be noted that the courier will deliver to street level and not to upper floors.

The shipment cost for Sardinia is:

  • 0 -1 KG: € 13.38 +22% VAT = 16,30€
  • Maggiore di 1 KG: 0.46 x KG + 22% VAT

For minor islands and the Venice lagoon the base price is the same as Sardinia, to which is added a supplement of €15.49 + VAT (22%) on every 5 KG.

Upon delivery, any damage or missing products must be reported immediately by an annotation to be shown on the transport document delivered by the courier, specifying the damaged and/or missing product(s). This annotation will be communicated at the same time via e-mail to info@frantoiodimolfetta.it. Only in this way will Di Molfetta Pantaleo & C. S.n.c. be able to proceed with the partial or total replacement of the product.

Di Molfetta Pantaleo & C. S.n.c. reserves the unchallengeable right to modify at any moment the current General Conditions of Sale. Every version of the General Conditions of Sale includes a precise date; therefore, Clients are invited to read the General Conditions of Sale before every purchase.

In accordance to Decreed Law n. 206/2005, Di Molfetta Pantaleo & C. S.n.c. reminds the Purchaser of the goods of the RIGHT OF RETURN. Such right, by law, can be executed by the PURCHASER WITHIN AND NOT MORE THAN 10 (TEN) WORKING DAYS from the date of receipt of the goods, under penalty of forfeiture.

Communication of the return must be sent, in the above terms, via email to info@frantoiodimolfetta.it or via fax to +39 0803921478, or via registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to the following address:

Di Molfetta Pantaleo & C. S.n.c. Via Ruvo n. 86/88, Bisceglie (BT), 76011, Italy

It must also indicate: *the indication of the product/products ordered * the details of the order document and the details of the bank account with which the payment was made (bank, reference agency, iban)

The returned goods must be returned, intact, within and no later than 10 (ten) working days from the date of receipt of the goods (the date on the delivery form of the courier delivered to the Purchaser together with the goods) to the following address:

Di Molfetta Pantaleo & C. S.n.c. Via Ruvo n. 86/88, Bisceglie (BT), 76011, Italy

The Purchaser is required to return the goods, according to the above-mentioned procedures, WITH PACKAGE INSURED IN PORTO FRANCO. No parcels sent back to the assigned port will be collected.

Warning: until the confirmation of receipt in our warehouse; under the full responsibility of the Client; in case of damage to the goods during transportation, Di Molfetta Pantaleo & C. S.n.c. will notify the Client of the event (within the working day following receipt of the goods in their warehouse), to allow them to promptly report their complaint to the courier chosen by them and to obtain the reimbursement of the value of the asset (if insured); in this case, the product will be returned, with shipping costs charged to the Client, simultaneously cancelling the request of return; Di Molfetta Pantaleo & C. S.n.c. is not responsible in any way for damage or theft/loss of goods returned by uninsured shipments; upon its arrival in the warehouse, the product will be examined to assess any damage or tampering not caused by transportation. In the event that a shortage and/or breakage of the product occurs, it will be entirely paid by the Client. As required by the aforementioned Decreed Law, once the control procedures have been carried out on the correct use of the Right of Return, Di Molfetta Pantaleo & C. S.n.c. will reimburse the Purchaser within the terms of Law the amount paid for the purchase of the goods, minus the shipping costs only.

For any information you can directly contact Di Molfetta & C. S.n.c. at the following telephone number: +39 0803921478 (from Monday to Thursday from 08:40 to 13:00 and 14:20 to 18:00 and on Friday from 08:40 to 13:00 and 14:20 to 17:00) or send an email to info@frantoiodimolfetta.it.

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