La Raccolta Delle Olive

Picking the olives

The process of creating precious extra virgin olive oil all starts with the picking of the olives, which is done with the greatest care and attention, in such a way to fully respect the raw ingredient.

In our olive groves we combine both natural traditional techniques and mechanical methods. The choice depends both on the quantity of olives on the tree and on its size.

Natural picking techniques

BRUCATURA (Hand picking)
We pick the olives by hand directly from the tree. This allows us to give maximum respect to the fruit and to have a longer conservation;

We use this method when the tree is too large to pick by hand. With the use of the appropriate equipment we make the olives fall from the tree onto tarpaulins. The oil obtained by these olives is of a high quality.

We “comb” our trees with appropriate rakes that make the olives fall onto tarpaulins.

Mechanical picking techniques

We use a mechanical arm attached to our tractor that shakes the tree and its branches, making the olives fall onto tarpaulins.

Independently from the technique that we choose, the important thing to obtain a great high-quality oil is the level of maturity of the olives.

This is a true and proper art: You need to seize the exact moment in which the green colour changes slowly to violet, the moment in which the olive contains the highest quantity of oil and phenolic substances. Only in this way will you obtain an extra virgin olive oil with exceptional organoleptic and nutritional qualities.

As soon as they are picked, we immediately take the olives to our oil mill, where we work within 24 hours so as not to lose even one drop of the quality.

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