I nostri ulivi

Our olive trees

Why buy olives from another oil mill or from abroad when you can buy from a real oil grove?

From the creation of our oil mill, the olives that we use for the extra virgin olive oil have all been from our production, cultivated using traditional methods that our family has handed down for tens of years. Three different cultivars, each with its own characteristics, that every time provide us with exceptional oil.

The cultivars

Imagine the characteristic aroma and the intense flavour of the most typical oil from Puglia. There you have it, most probably it is a Coratina Monocultivar. From this olive, which is very widespread in our territory, an oil famous for its richness in polyphenols and for its low acidity (< 0.2%) is obtained. On the palate it is particularly intense and vigorous, fruity, slightly bitter and lightly spicy.

For those who don’t know how to decide, the oil extracted from Ogliarola olives is perfect. While maintaining a very high quality, there is a perfect balance between flavour and scent, where bitterness and spice complete the picture. This elegance is perfect to respect the characteristics of any recipe.

Oil extracted from Peranzana olives is medium fruity in the wide aromatic spectrum. The first thing that you scent is the olive but then it extends to decisive and herbal (artichoke, almond, tomato leaf and flowers) notes. This oil is famous for its richness in chlorophyll and its nutrients, that notably lengthen its shelf life.

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