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Who we are

A family history

The di Molfetta Oil mill is a long family history, starting in 1950 in Trani thanks to grandad Girolamo and his siblings.

Here, in the Lamadoro district at Baron Melodia’s farm, our family started to cultivate their own olive trees using the methods of that time.

The olives, rigorously picked by hand, were taken directly to the oil mill in the farm where, using traditional instruments and horses, the extra virgin olive oil was extracted.

The evolution of the oil mill

Two years after the oil mill was created, Girolamo and his siblings decided to perfect the production: horses were replaced by specialised motors that enable the oil to be cold extracted more quickly, allowing in this way the obtainment a qualitatively better oil intact of its organoleptic characteristics.

With the increase in production and the refinement of the products, the need of a headquarters was born. This is why in 1954 grandad Girolamo decided to move the oil mill to Bisceglie, a small town on the central coast of Puglia.

And it is in Bisceglie that the son Pantaleo founded the definitive headquarters, which still today is our home. Thanks to this stability and to the grandson Girolamo joining the oil mill, the ideas began to flourish: the production diversified and the image of the oil mill assumed an innovative, dynamic and artistic connotation.

Di Molfetta Frantoiani
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